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Year 6- Shakespeare

Curriculum Overview

GLF Curriculum

In our Wider Curriculum lessons this term we will be looking at the question ‘How have structures influenced our lives?’ and will have a focus on why shelters were important in World War Two. Our curriculum drivers will be History and DT and our curriculum enhancer will be Geography.

Within this unit the children will learn the following:

  • Key countries involved in World War 2, as well as whether they were Allies or Axis
  • The location of key countries involved in World War 2
  • The events leading up to the beginning of WW2 and why Britain declared war on Germany
  • The changing roles of women throughout WW2
  • The importance of shelters for safety
  • The experiences of people living through the Blitz as well as bombings in other countries involved within the war
  • The role of propaganda and its impact on citizens
  • How to design and build a model shelter using wood and other resources.


Our topics this half term will be: 

  • Multiplication strategies for larger numbers and long multiplication
  • Division: dividing by two-digit divisors
  • Finding equivalent fractions and simplifying
  • Common denomination: more adding and subtracting


Our first unit this term will be a narrative, based on ‘Friend or Foe” by Michael Morpurgo. This text supplements out wider curriculum learning because it is focused upon the lived experience of children throughout World War 2. Within this unit, we will be covering the following objectives:

  • Subordination and the effect of altering the position of this within the sentence
  • How authors can communicate the emotions of characters within a narrative
  • Correct punctuation for direct speech
  • How the narrative can be advanced through dialogue
  • Showing the reader rather than telling

Our second unit this term will be a newspaper article, also based on ‘Friend or Foe” by Michael Morpurgo.

  • The difference between reported and direct speech
  • Summarising key events
  • Ambitious vocabulary


Our first reading unit this term will be a continuation of ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman and then we will be moving onto looking at ‘All Aboard the Empire Windrush’. We will continue to develop our skills of:

  • Retrieving key information from the text
  • Inferring meaning
  • Using the context of the writing to identify the meaning of vocabulary
  • Summarise key details from the text
  • Order events chronologically
  • Make predictions about what will happen next


This term in Computing, we will be focusing on websites.

In this unit, we will learn about:

  • What makes a good website?
  • How would you layout your website?
  • Copyright
  • How does it look?
  • Think before you link!

HRE (Health and Relationships)

In HRE we will be looking at the following units:

  • The physical and emotional changes that happen approaching and during puberty
  • The processes of reproduction and the human life cycle
  • Where we get help and advice on the changes that happen during puberty
  • The changes in hygiene routine during the changes of the body
  • New opportunities and responsibilities that come with increasing independence
  • Strategies to manage the transition into secondary school



  • I can pass the ball (chest, bounce, overhead) and catch it.
  • I understand footwork and can pivot.
  • I can develop defending skills for playing games. 
  • I can develop attacking skills for playing games. 
  • I can understand positions on a netball court and use the thirds appropriately.
  • I can participate in a game effectively.


  • Develop out confidence in the water and to immerse our face in the water
  • Float on our front and back
  • To push and glide on the front and back
  • Retrieve items from the floor of the pool
  • Work towards swimming 25m on the front and back (a National Curriculum objective).


This term we will be looking at objectives based on ‘All About Ourselves’.


This term we will:

  • Explain why a believer’s baptism is important to some Christians
  • Explain the process of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah
  • Explain why a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is important to Jewish people