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Year 6- Shakespeare

Curriculum Overview


GLF Curriculum

This term will have an art focus and we will be answering the enquiry question: ‘How in modern day art influenced by the past?’ We will have a focus on Islamic art and will be looking in more depth at early Islamic civilisations in Baghdad c. 900 CE. 

To help with our Curriculum learning, we would like to ask for a voluntary contribution of £2 per child to help us fund our exciting project. Donations can be made via parent pay. 



Our topics this half term will be:  

  • Linking fractions, decimals and percentages 
  • Area and perimeter 
  • Scale factors 


Our first unit this term will be based on narrative writing around the texts ‘The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’ alongside ‘The Secret Garden’. During this unit we will be focussing on objectives based on, 

  • Using subordination 
  • Using parenthesis within writing 
  • Maintain consistent tense throughout writing 
  • Using colons and semi colons 
  • Describe setting character and atmosphere 
  • Building cohesion within and across paragraphs 
  • Using paragraphs to signal change in time, scene, action, mood or person 




Our first reading text for this term will be based ‘How to Live Forever’ by Colin Thompson. After this, we will be focussing on ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman up until the end of term.  




This term in Computing, we will be focusing on data an information. 

In this unit, we will learn about: 

  • Collecting data 
  • Formulating a spreadsheet 
  • Calculating and duplicating in a spreadsheet 
  • Event planning 
  • Presenting data 

HRE (Health and Relationships)

In HRE we will be focussing on different forms of relationship looking at the following units:  

  • Families and close positive relationships 
  • Friendships 
  • Managing hurtful and harmful behaviour 
  • Safeguarding our relationships 




  • The children will take part in dance lessons with an expert teacher from Tudor Hall.  


  • The children will be focusing upon developing their water confidence 
  • The children will be working towards the National Curriculum objective of swimming 25m 


This term we will be looking at objectives based on having discussions about family and friends. 


This term we will answer the following questions: 


  • How does religious discrimination impact the world today? 
  • What are the examples of religious discrimination in the world today? 
  • What have been the changes in religious discrimination throughout different time periods?