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Year 2- Seacole

Curriculum Overview



This term our Curriculum focus is Technology and we will be answering the question is ‘Can I design and build a structure based on my knowledge and understanding of historical periods’. We will be exploring comparing structures that represent modern and historical London inspired by the 1666 Great Fire of London. Our curriculum drivers will be DT and History as we look at 3D shapes in the world around us and how we can use this knowledge to create our own shapes whilst also learning about the key factors influencing the historical event of the Great Fire of London.

To help with our Curriculum project we would like to ask for a voluntary contribution of £2 per child to help us fund our exciting Curriculum project. Your donations will be used to buy materials for the children to design, test and make their modern or historical building.


Within our Maths, we are exploring adding and subtracting two-digit and one-digit numbers. This will involve thinking about:

  • Knowledge of the number line, and quantity values of numbers, can be applied to add/subtract one to/from a given two-digit number.
  • Known facts for the numbers within ten can be applied to addition/subtraction of a single-digit number to/from a two-digit number.
  • Knowledge of numbers which sum to ten can be applied to the addition of a single-digit number and two-digit number that sum to a multiple of ten, or subtraction of a single-digit number from a multiple of ten.
  • Known strategies for addition or subtraction bridging ten can be applied to addition or subtraction bridging a multiple of ten.

We will also be exploring our first topic of multiplication and division. Here we will focus on:

  • Multiplication representing equal groups
  • Groups of 2 and commutativity.


This term we will begin our English journey by creating a character description based off the book ‘Tell me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris. We will be focusing on the structure of a simple sentence and how to compose these using the correct punctuation. We will then start to explore how to use a small range of grammatical devices including:

  • Noun phrases
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Use the conjunction ‘and’ to join ideas
  • Apostrophes for the singular possessive form


This term, in Computing we will be looking at Digital Photography. We will be focusing on taking photos and the impact of landscape and portrait photos and when it is most suitable to use them. We will also begin to look at lighting and seeing how it can impact a photograph before using our new set of skills to capture a photo and recognise which photos are real and which have been changed.


In HRE this term the children will be focusing on Growing and Changing and Safeguarding Ourselves. The children will be learning how to:

  • Name the main parts of our body including genitalia.
  •  Explore how people change from young to old
  • How to stay safe online
  • How to stay safe in familiar and unfamiliar environments
  • Understand how to access help after an accident


Our Music this term will be linked to our Christmas Nativity and Production. We can’t wait to share this with the children. Please keep checking Class Dojo for further information! 


This term, our PE will be covering OAA (Outdoor Adventure Activities) and Dance. Within these topics we will be focusing on:

  • Being able to participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending. 
  • Being able to perform dances using simple movement patterns.


During our RE this term, we will be exploring the big question: “Who experiences true freedom?” As part of this, Year 2 are going to be focusing on events and celebrations within the Christian and Hindu religions. To start, Kahlo and Simmonds will identify the key features of the Hindu celebration of Diwali before explaining the importance of Diwali. Then, Year 2 will be exploring and explaining the importance of Christmas for Christians – recapping the Christmas Story and developing their understanding of symbolism for key people within the Christmas Story (e.g. shepherds, Kings and Mary).