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School Uniform

We strive for excellence in all our school activities, and we expect this commitment to be reflected in both the appearance and behaviour of our students.

All children are required to wear the full school uniform, correctly, for daily attendance at school. Uniforms should also be worn when students represent the school, such as on school visits.

Parents and caregivers are kindly asked to cooperate fully by providing the required uniform and ensuring their children wear it correctly to and from school, as well as on other occasions when it is necessary.

We understand the financial pressures faced by families, and to help alleviate these costs, we have reduced the number of 'branded' items. Additionally, we are introducing a second-hand digital sales platform to further reduce expenses for parents.

A full range of uniforms, PE kits, and accessories for our students can be purchased directly from our suppliers, which are listed below:


CLICK HERE for Cross Embroidery - there is a physical shop for you to try on uniform to ensure of a good fit. Also, ties are only available from this shop or the school office
CLICK HERE for MyClothing - general uniform
CLICK HERE for PE (Big Ben - Red)
CLICK HERE for PE (Oscar - Yellow)
CLICK HERE for PE (Invictus - Green)
CLICK HERE for PE (Nobel - Blue)

Please note that currently, MyClothing are discontinuing some age ranges (4-5 yrs, 6-7 yrs, 8-9 yrs and 10-11 yrs). There may be some of these sizes in stock, but one they are gone and showing out of stock there will be no more replacing them. It is advised to purchase the next size up.

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