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Year 5- Da Vinci

Curriculum Overview


Wider Curriculum (Project)

This term our project focus is Art, and we will be answering the big question ‘can I create a piece of art based on a period of history?’  

Through this learning journey we will answer the following learning questions: 

  • What can we learn about a historical period through art? 
  • Has Ancient Greek democracy impacted modern day? 
  • How do artists create figures with proportion? 
  • Has Ancient Greek sport impacted modern day? 
  • All art must be on a flat surface. Support or challenge? 
  • How has Ancient Greek astronomy impacted modern day? 
  • How do relationships between objects in our solar system explain day and night? 
  • What techniques can artists use with clay? 
  • How can my pottery represent the achievements of Ancient Greece? 



Our topics this half term will be: 

  • ×/÷ decimal fractions by whole numbers 
  •  Multiplication with three factors & volume 
  • Factors, multiples, prime & composites 
  • Multiplying whole numbers and fractions 


Our first unit this term will be a first-person narrative, based on the Greek myth Daedalus and Icarus. 

During this unit, we will: 

  • Use relative clauses to add additional information to sentences  
  • Indicates degrees of possibility using modal verbs  
  • Link clauses in sentences using a range of subordinating & coordinating conjunctions.   
  • Link ideas across paragraphs using adverbials of time, place and number 
  • Indicate parenthesis using commas, brackets or dashes  
  • Use consistent and correct tense throughout a narrative 


Our reading unit this term will be based on ‘Boy in the Tower’ by Polly Ho-Yen - a thought-provoking and heart-warming introduction to dystopic fiction that pupils will love: 

‘Ade loves living at the top of a tower block. From his window, he feels like he can see the whole world stretching out beneath him. His mum doesn't really like looking outside - but it's going outside that she hates. She prefers to sleep all day inside their tower, where it's safe. 

Except it isn't any more. Strange plants have started to take over and tower blocks are falling around them. Now Ade and his mum are trapped and there's no way out.’ 


This term in Computing, we will be focusing on data and information – flat file databases. 

In this unit, we will: 

  • Use a form to record information 
  • Compare paper and computer-based databases 
  • Outline how grouping and then sorting data allows us to answer questions 
  • Explain that tools can be used to select specific data 
  • Explain that computer programs can be used to compare data visually 
  •  Apply our knowledge of a database to ask and answer real-world questions 


(Health and Relationships)

In HRE we will be looking at the following units: Safeguarding Our Relationships, Respecting self and others. 

We will learn about: 

  • Privacy and personal boundaries 
  • Recognising when it is right to break a confidence or share a secret 
  • Recognising pressure from others to do something unsafe 
  • where to get advice and report concerns if worried about their own or someone else’s personal safety 
  • How personal behaviour will have a positive or negative effect on other people 
  • Respecting the differences and similarities between people 
  • How to discuss and debate topical issues 


This term, we will continue to have Brass Lessons ran by Mr Probert. He is going to come into school once per week to begin teaching the children to read music and play a brass instrument. If instruments are taken home, please ensure that they are brought back into school every Monday morning. 


Health and Fitness: 

  • I know how to take my pulse, know what my resting heart rate is and what my pulse should do in exercise.  
  • I can explain why sleep is important for recovery and energy.  
  • I know how much exercise I should do.  
  • I can perform strength and cardio exercises accurately.  
  • I can perform exercise for a sustained period.  
  • I can test how my fitness has improved over time. 


  • I can pass –chest, bounce, overhead.  
  • I can catch the ball.  
  • I understand footwork and can pivot around.  
  • I can shoot the ball into the net.  
  • I can develop attacking skills for playing games.  
  • I can develop defending skills for playing games. 

MFL – French

This term our topic in French is ‘Where in the World?’ 

This unit will teach key vocabulary related to different countries, continents and animals. Children will learn specific vocabulary about the countries of the United Kingdom, different continents, animals from these continents, and different countries’ positions in relation to the equator. 


This term we will: 

  • compare Christian and Hindu beliefs about the afterlife  
  • retell the Easter story  
  • explain the significance of the Easter story for Christians