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Year 4- Ramanujan

Curriculum Overview


GLF Wider Curriculum

This term our GLF Wider Curriculum focus is art and we will be answering the question is ‘Can I create a piece of art based on a period of history? 

Children will deliver a presentation based on research using primary and secondary sources.  They will also create a Viking coin purse with a printed personalised monogram. 

During this, we will learn: 

  • How has Britain changed over time?  
  • What was life was like under Anglo-Saxon rule? 
  • What was life was like under Viking rule? 
  • The Anglo-Saxons were more powerful than the Vikings. Support or challenge? 
  • How is Britain a product of invasion? 
  • How were Viking coin purses constructed? 
  • Why were monograms important under Viking and Anglo-Saxon rule? 
  • How does printing change my image? 
  • What makes an effective print? 
  • All stitches look the same: support or challenge? 
  • What is the purpose of a pattern within textiles? 
  • How can I use different joining techniques to create a coin purse? 

To help with our Wider Curriculum learning, we would like to ask for a voluntary contribution of £2 per child to help us fund our exciting project. Donations can be made via parent pay. 



Narrative – writing a chapter based on “Beowulf” 

Recount - writing a diary entry using aspects of “Beowulf” 


Times tables: 11 and 12    

Symmetry in 2D shapes   




Data and information – Data logging 


Relationships – Managing hurtful behaviour 

  • Respect 


Using the Charanga musical programme, we will focus on the song Lean On Me to develop the following skills: 

  • identify the structure of a piece of music  
  • identify the instruments within a piece of music  
  • find the pulse in a piece of music  
  • play instrumental parts in time to the music  
  • sing in unison and in parts  
  • compose a simple melody using simple rhythms  
  • perform as part of a group  


Where in the World 

  • The UK 
  • Where do they speak French? 
  • The Equator 
  • Continents 
  • Animals 
  • Which continent are they from? 


Health and Fitness 



Term 4 Big question: Is it always wrong to lie? 


  • compare beliefs of the Abrahamic religions around the Plagues of Egypt 
  • explain secular beliefs about the Plagues of Egypt 
  • understand that sacred texts can be interpreted literally or non-literally