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Music and Performing Arts

Music and the Performing Arts are a huge part of our STEAM curriculum. We have singing assemblies, Performing Arts projects throughout the year, and instrumental lessons alongside our progressive Music curriculum which is accessed by all children.

Our curriculum offers children a broad range of musical experiences. We teach the National Curriculum expectations for Music and integrate performing, listening, composing, and learning about significant pieces of Music throughout history. Our school subscribes to the Charanga music scheme so that children can develop their singing, performance skills, and awareness of musical notation. 

Our curriculum offers a range of performance opportunities for all children. During the Performing Arts-focused term of our STEAM curriculum, all classes will prepare and deliver a performance as part of their learning journey. We show Nativity performances and concerts at Christmas and will be preparing end of year productions during the Summer terms.

In July 2021, our school collaborated with the Cherwell Theatre Trust to produce a singing and dance video, for which all children in the school learned the same song and worked with a choreographer to memorise a dance routine. This wonderful performing arts opportunity culminated in a day of filming and the production of our very own video featuring children from across our group of schools.

Treat People with Kindness (2021 Oxfordshire Hub Performance)

The Oxfordshire County Music Service offer brass lessons to children in Year 5. All children in the class will learn to play a brass instrument with a specialist teacher who helps them to further their understanding of technical musical terminology and musical literacy.

Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons take place at Longford once a week with our peripatetic piano teacher. For more information please contact Michael Davies at MJ Music Services.  

Email or phone 07857 896600 

National Curriculum Music Programme of Study