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Celebrating fantastic SATs results

There have been major celebrations at our school which has received its best SATs results for over seven years. Nationally 64% of pupils achieved the government’s ‘expected standard’ in reading, writing and maths - up on last year’s 61%. William Morris Primary School achieved above national averages with an impressive 69%.

“Our school truly going places. The sheer determination of the children and staff will continue to drive improvements forward and give the children the very best learning opportunity available,” said executive headteacher Julie Hiddleston.

The school was the first GLF academy in Oxfordshire when it joined the trust in 2016 and Miss Hiddleston was appointed head in April of the same year.

“Our consistent theme is ‘excellence in all we do,’ whether it is writing in books, eating our lunch, tidying our rooms or wearing our uniform. We are thrilled with the huge improvement and progress made at William Morris and there is more to come,” said Miss Hiddleston.

William Morris, a member of the multi-academy GLF Trust, will be joining forces with its sister school, Longford Park, in relaunching as STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) primary specialist schools, which will see experts work with children on a range of projects. The umbrella GLF Trust is investing in the internal structure of the building to create new spaces which includes the creation of a brand new science laboratory.

With so much to look forward to, the fantastic results in the Year 6 SATs (Key Stage 2 Assessments) was the icing on the cake for everyone.

“The school has been on an incredible journey of rapid improvement since becoming a GLF academy and we look forward to continuing to offer our pupils the very best education and an environment in which they can grow, learn and flourish - the ethos of the trust,” added Miss Hiddleston.