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Year 6 Shakespeare

Class teacher: Miss Clark



This term, our STEAM focus is Science and we will be answering the question, ‘Can I develop an understanding of the living world around me?’ We will become experts on classification and evolution before communicating our learning through stop motions films. 


We will be covering tricky areas and gaps in our learning through revision sessions in preparation for SATs.  


After SATs, we will be consolidating and applying the year 6 writing objectives which include: 

  • in narratives, describe settings, characters and atmosphere 

  • integrate dialogue in narratives to convey character and advance the action 

  • in non-narrative writing, use simple devices to structure the writing and support the reader (e.g. headings, sub-headings, bullet points) 

  • use a range of devices to build cohesion (e.g. conjunctions, adverbials of time and place, pronouns, synonyms) within and across paragraphs 

  • use verb tenses consistently and correctly throughout their writing 

  • use the range of punctuation taught at key stage 2 mostly correctly^ (e.g. inverted commas and other punctuation to indicate direct speech) 

  • spell correctly most words from the year 5 / year 6 spelling list and use a dictionary to check the spelling of uncommon or more ambitious vocabulary 

  • maintain legibility in joined handwriting when writing at speed 


In HRE this term we are covering topics such as changing friendships, listening and responding to people respectfully and puberty. 


This term we will be continuing to discuss racial discrimination.  


We will be on the field for PE whenever the weather allows it, developing our athletics and rounders skills.  

Our PE days this term: Tuesday and Thursday

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