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Year 3 Valentina

Class teacher: Miss Abrey



This term our STEAM focus is engineering, and we will be answering the question is ‘Can I design and construct a product using my knowledge and understanding of the engineering process?’ We will be using our knowledge and skills to design and build a bridge based on one of the 6 types of bridges that spans a gap and holds a load. To achieve our end product of building the bridge, we will be learning about the following:

  • How to design and test products, considering whether they are suitable for purpose. For this we will be building a miniature bridge from paper.
  • Identify changes in waterways over time
  • Identify manmade and natural physical geographical features
  • Represent aerial photos in a simple drawn map. For this, we will be using satellite images of William Morris School to draw a simple map which uses a key to identify features.
  • Consider and evaluate the different opinions of others.
    this will be within the context of canals, considering the opposing historical opinions on whether canals ought to be built.
  • Understand the role of an engineer in the design process
  • Types and examples of bridges, including: truss bridge, arch bridge, cantilever bridge, suspension bridge
  • The role of tolerances within engineering
  • The costs associated with design
  • How to use our existing knowledge to form a design for our final product
  • How to test our product and design for its appropriateness, considering how we may be able to improve.


To help with our STEAM project we would like to ask for a voluntary contribution of £2 per child to help us fund our exciting STEAM project. Your donations will be used to buy construction materials for the children to test and construct their bridges! Donations can be made via ParentPay – details will follow from the office.


Poetry around a theme.

We will be writing a poem about something which disgusts us. In this unit we will be learning how to:

  • Use assonance
  • Structure a poem
  • Use rhyming lines
  • Write a poem about a theme

First person mysterious narrative.

In this unit, we will be writing a short narrative in the first –person perspective. This story will be focusing on an unusual event as we venture into an unknown world. In this unit we will be learning to:

  • Use a variety pronouns in the first-person
  • Choose specific vocabulary to describe the settings
  • Structure our writing in paragraphs
  • Use expanded noun phrases to add detail to our writing

A non-chronological report.

This term, we will be writing a non-chronological report about the rock formation and the stone age, content we learned last term in our STEAM lessons. In this unit we will be learning to:

  • Identify the features and structure of a non-chronological report
  • Choose deliberate vocabulary which is clear and concise
  • Create diagrams and consider how they are helpful to the reader to clarify understanding
  • Organise our writing into paragraphs with themes, using the structure of a non-chronological report


Securing mental strategies and calculations up to 999

  • Adjusting method
  • Partitioning method
  • Working on our fluency and confidence
  • Mental strategies to simplify calculations

Multiplication and division (2, 4 and 8)

  • Become fluent in the 2, 4 and 8 times table
  • How to identify and notice the links between each of the times tables using doubling
  • Use strategies to support calculation for each of these times tables.

Column Addition

  • Use formal written methods to support our calculations
  • Place value: ones, tens, hundreds and thousands
  • How to lay out our written method in columns according to place value
  • Carry units


In computing we will be learning how to programme using a computer programming software called Scratch. This will allow the children to code simple messages, which will create a game.


This term we will be considering the wide variety of family relationships and what it means to have a positive relationship. We will be learning the following:

  • Diverse family types and structures
  • How people may show care and appreciation for one another
  • The characteristics of healthy and family relationships
  • Positive and healthy friendships
  • Bullying and what can be done to avoid its occurrence
  • Cyberbullying
  • Equality and discrimination


We will be using Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” this term to learn about another genre of music: reggae. Within this, we will consider the origins of Reggae music. To begin with, we will be singing the piece and then add to this by playing the glockenspiel. For this unit we will be learning about and focusing on the following:

  • Pulse
  • Rhythm
  • Pitch


Our unit this term is “Food Glorious Food”.  We will learn to name different foods, identify quantities, and make polite requests. This will allow us to be able to order and ask for things at restaurants and beyond. We will learn to:

  • Appreciate stories, songs, poems and rhymes within the context of food
  • Follow a story in French
  • Understand features and patterns of basic grammar within the context of something to ear
  • Identify quantities of food
  • Give a preference for and against things
  • Begin to modify nouns by adding a colour to describe the object.
  • Engage in conversations: ask and answer questions
  • Express opinions and thoughts
  • Respond to other’s questions in French


Health and fitness (circuits)

Within this unit, we will be learning about:

  • The importance of regular exercise
  • The importance of warming up and cooling down our muscles
  • Practising circuits to improve fitness and stamina


Within swimming lessons we will be continuing to develop and build upon our water confidence. This will be working towards the National Curriculum requirement for children to swim 25 metres unaided.


This term we will:

  • explain the symbolism of the Sikh khanda
  • explain the symbolism of the Jewish Star of David
  • explain Humanist beliefs about the universe


Our PE days this term: Tuesday and Friday

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