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Year 3 Chawla

Class teacher: Miss Abrey


STEAM This term, our STEAM focus is Maths and we will be answering the question ‘Can I create, carry out an experiment and present my data in a variety of different ways?’. We will be designing magnet powered vehicles and assessing the impact of forces. We will be analysing and presenting data to showcase how effective those machines were. This will involve thinking about:


  • Friction on a variety of surfaces
  • The varying amounts of force required to move an object over surfaces
  • Magnetism – magnetic poles and their relationship with one another
  • Success criteria for designing an effective vehicle
Mathematics We will begin this term by looking at the composition of 100. Within this unit we will learn:


  • How to find 10 and 100 more or less than a given number
  • Find multiples of 10 that compose 100
  • Find complements to 100 efficiently and accurately
  • Represent a three-digit multiple of ten in a variety of ways
  • Bridge 100 by adding or subtracting a single-digit number.

After this we will learn about the structure and composition of three-digit numbers. The children will consider:

  • The place value of three-digit numbers and represent this using visual diagrams
  • Additive relationships in the composition of three-digit numbers
  • Estimate the position of three-digit numbers on number lines
  • Partition three-digit numbers in a variety of ways
  • Find ten more or less crossing the hundreds boundary
Writing We will begin this term by writing a mystery narrative using suspense. The children will learn to:


  • Use suspense to maintain the interest of the reader
  • Use personal pronouns to maintain the use of first-person writing
  • Use expanded noun-phrases to provide additional information and description within writing
Computing This term in Computing, we will be learning about the systems and networks considering the way they are connected. Within this, the children will learn:


  • How a digital device works
  • What makes up a digital device
  • How digital devices work
  • How they are connected
  • How computers are connected
  • What the school network looks like
HRE (Health and Relationships) In HRE we will be looking at our Health and Wellbeing. Children will learn to:


  • Recognise the benefits to health and wellbeing of eating a balanced diet and learn to make informed decisions about habits that affect their health.
  • Understand routines that support good quality sleep.
  • Recognise how to keep safe from sun damage
  • Understand how to use medications safely and responsibly
  • Create strategies that support mental health
  • Develop strategies to respond to a range of emotions, including intense or conflicting feelings.
  • Think about loss and how this can affect feelings. They will consider how to manage these emotions in a healthy way.
Music This term the children will focus on the song ‘Let your Spirit Fly’ a gentle rhythm and blues song. Within this unit, the children will learn to:


  • Listen and appraise music, considering: their likes and dislikes, providing justifications, as well as the way the music makes them feel
  • Sing the song
  • Play instruments alongside the song
  • Improvise with the song
  • Compose with the song
PE Year 3 are incredibly lucky to have our PE sessions with teachers from Tudor Hall. This term, the children will be taking part in dance.
Modern Foreign Languages This term, the children will begin their French learning. We will be learning:


  • How to greet others in the French language
  • How to ask for others name
  • How to ask how others are
  • How to say goodbye
  • How to count to ten
  • How to ask how old someone is
RE In our RE assemblies this term, we will be exploring the big question ‘Do you shape your own destiny?’.

In our RE lessons in class, we will learn to:


  • Explain Sikh beliefs about God
  • Explain Jewish beliefs about God
  • Explain Humanist beliefs about God


Our PE days this term: Monday (Dance) and Friday (Swimming)

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