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Year 2 Seacole


Class Teacher: Mrs Way



This term our STEAM focus is on Science. We will be focusing on the question Can I develop an understanding of the world around me? We will by exploring the life of David Attenborough. Children will have opportunities to look at different sources of information including photographs, books, TV shows. They then will be producing a documentary inspired by David Attenborough’s work as well as linking to their science outcomes about habitat. They will categorise objects into living, dead and never alive as well as describing habitats and their key features. In Science they will and describe the basic needs of animals and how the habitat provides this as well as describing the lifecycle of animals. They will also be producing a piece of Artwork and make observational drawings using tone.


Our maths topics this term will allow us to explore fractions. We will name a half as one of two equal parts, quarters as one of four equal parts of an object, shape or quantity. We will find, name and write fractions, 1/3, ¼, 2/4 and ¾ of a length, shape, set of objects of We will be revisiting strategies to add and subtract money such as partitioning when solving problems as well as learning to tell the time to the nearest five minutes. 


This term our writing will be focused on looking at a fact file about Mary Anning. We will identify features of fact files such as subheadings, illustrations, statements, exclamation sentences and interesting facts and use this to write our own fact files about David Attenborough. We will also be writing an alternative ending to the narrative Black Rock by J. Stanton from the perspective of the Black Rock. We will consolidate our knowledge about using adjectives to create expanded noun phrases to add description as well as improving our knowledge of how to up level our writing.  


Our music this term we will be developing our singing and moving skills using the Charangra unit Hands, Feet and heart.


Computing this term is  learning and creating media music.


In HRE we will continue learning about Shared Responsibilities as well as Communities. 


This term’s PE will be focused on dance during our indoor sessions, and multi skills in our outdoor sessions.


For RE our big question is ‘is there a higher power?’ We will identify what Christians and Muslims believe about the natural world

We will explore events and celebrations in Islam and Christianity


Our PE days this term are: Tuesday and Friday

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