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Class teachers: Mrs Smith (Monday to Wednesday), Mrs Mitchell (Thursday and Friday)

As well as delivering the EYFS curriculum, Reception and Nursery classes follow the whole school STEAM curriculum.  

This term:


  • Using our phonics skills to write simple sentences and fill in grids to record scientific findings.
  • Labelling designs and plans using our phonics skills also
  • Using sentences starters such as ‘I predict...’ to discuss our thoughts
  • Joining in with repeating refrains in stories


  • Build a deeper understanding of the numbers 0-10
  • Subitise and recognise the numerals of numbers 1-5
  • Partition numbers 1-5 into 2 parts e.g., 2 and 3 make 5
  • Create and continue repeating patterns
  • Begin to use and understand positional language
  • Begin to use measurements such as length and height

Expressive arts and design

  • Safely use and explore a variety of materials, tools, and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form, and function.
  •  Explore materials Plumbing materials- taps, measures, bolts, etc- pads and pens, designs
  • Recognise the importance of drawing as a tool for thinking expressing idea
  • Constructing boats for final showcase.
  • Use discussion in small and large groups to regularly engage children in explaining work in progress
  • Support children to communicate gain confidence in their own ways in sharing ideas, e.g., learning songs and rhymes linked to water/topic

Understanding the World

  • What does it mean to be an engineer?
  • Float and sinking
  • Testing materials to see which are waterproof
  • Understanding different climates around the world
  • Different cultures and festivals- Chinese New Year


During our ‘Talk Through Stories’ sessions, (which provide the opportunity for children to really explore key texts, understand the principle of the story, learn new vocabulary and explore new characters), we will focus on one key text at a time which the children will become very familiar with.  Our literacy key texts for this will be: 

  • My Mummy is an Engineer
  • Lost and Found
  • Hiss
  • Billy’s Bucket
  • An Evening at Alfie's
  • Chinese New Year stories
  • Who Sank the Boat
  • Non-fiction texts about engineering, plumbing, natural water sources, waterproof materials and many more.


This term our STEAM focus is Engineering, and we will be answering the question ‘Can I design and construct a product using my knowledge and understanding of the engineering process?  The children will work together to build a boat that is waterproof and floats, exploring a selection of materials and fixing methods to test which works best and why.


Our PE day: Friday

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