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Class teachers: Mrs Smith (Monday to Wednesday), Mrs Mitchell (Thursday and Friday)

As well as delivering the EYFS curriculum, Reception and Nursery classes follow the whole school STEAM curriculum.  

This term:


  • Using our phonics skills to write simple phrases and sentences that can be read by others.  

  • Joining in with repeating refrains in stories. 

  • Describing what we see as the plant changes. 

  • Apply our own grapheme, phoneme knowledge to write our own label. 

  • Label seeds pots, maps, images and our own drawings of the environment. 


  • Beginning to develop our understanding of weight and capacity 

  • Consolidating our understanding of the composition of numbers up to 10 e.g., 7 is made up of 5 and 2 

  • Using practical contexts to sort objects according to criteria such as size and colour 

  • Counting numbers, objects, sounds up to twenty. 

  • Beginning to develop our understanding of measuring while studying our plants. 

Expressive arts and design 

  • Children will use graphic tools, fingers, hands, chalks, pens and pencils to draw observations of plants.  

  • Children will notice features in the natural world and to define colours, shape and texture in their own words. 

Understanding the World 

  • Using tools, such as magnifying glasses to look closely at things that are growing and have grown e.g. cut flowers. 

  • Children will take opportunities to examine change over time for example cress growing and decay.  

  • They will create maps and plans, paintings, drawings and models of observations of known and imaginary landscapes. 

  • Children will take advantage of soil, tools compost and simple gardening equipment and plants to role play with. 



We are continuing to enjoy ‘Talk through stories’ this term, which provides the opportunity for children to really explore key texts, understand the principle of the story, learn new vocabulary and explore new characters. Each week we will focus on one key text which the children will become very familiar with.   

Our literacy key texts for this will be:  

  • The Extraordinary Gardener 

  • Supertato 


Other topical key texts this term will be: 

  • Jack and the Bean stalk 

  • The Tiny Seed 

  • Oliver’s vegetables 



This term our STEAM focus is Science, and we will be answering the question ‘Can I develop an understanding of the living world around me?’  The children will be working towards being able to show an understanding of how plants change over time. They will look at how we grow plants, what plants need to thrive and what plants there are in our environment.  


Our PE day: Friday

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