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Nursery / Darwin

Class Teacher: Miss Hancock

As well as delivering the EYFS curriculum, Reception and Nursery classes follow the whole school STEAM curriculum.  

This term:

This term we will be exploring the following principles within each of the specific areas:


  • Beginning to be aware of the way stories are structured and tell own stories.
  • To talk about principal characters and events in the stories they listen to.
  • Recognising familiar words and signs, such as own name.
  • Making up stories, play scenarios, and drawings in responses to experiences.


  • Children will gain confidence in counting forwards as well as backwards from 0-5
  • Children will show an interest in shape and will be learning the 2D shape names for a square, rectangle, diamond, pentagon and a star and create designs with these shapes.
  • The children will be using language of position and direction while building this term.
  • Children will be learning to order objects by length

Understanding the world

  • Children will explore and learn about different occupations that link with our topic.
  • Children will explore the differences between materials and changes they notice.
  • Developing positive attitudes about the differences between people.

Expressive Arts and Design: exploring media and materials

  • Children will explore construction materials and make a variety of objects with these they will discover that enclosed spaces can create 3D structures
  • Children will select materials they want to use for a house, chair and bridge.
  • Children will experiment with joining materials together and learn how to do this effectively



This term, our STEAM focus is Engineering. We will be looking at how to build a variety of different objects and how we can plan before we build. There will be stories we are using to support our engineering, one of these will be the Three Little Pigs, where the children will be looking at how to plan and build their own houses and what material is best. Another of the stories will be Goldilocks and the Three Bears and following this story, the children will be developing their engineering skills and helping baby bear to fix his chair. Three Billy Goats Gruff will support our final STEAM showcase build which will be a bridge that will stand up unsupported. Using these stories will support the children in developing their understanding of what an engineer is and what their job entails. So, we will be encouraging all the children to become engineers themselves next term and build all kinds of creations!


It is crucial for children to develop a life-long love of reading. Reading consists of two dimensions: language comprehension and word reading. Language comprehension (necessary for both reading and writing) starts from birth. It only develops when adults talk with children about the world around them and the books (stories and non-fiction) they read with them, and enjoy rhymes, poems and songs together.

Our Read Write Inc phonic scheme starts in nursery with the children beginning to learn the rhymes that match the letters.

This term we will be continuing to build the foundations to early phonics by teaching children to discriminate sounds, including environmental, musical, body percussion and voice sounds. At this stage in children’s development, rhythm, rhyme and alliteration are very important, so do please read lots of Nursery Rhymes at home to support our work in class.

We are very excited to be continuing ‘Talk through stories’ this term, which provides the opportunity for children to really explore key texts, understand the principle of the story, learn new vocabulary and explore new characters. Each week we focus on one key text which the children will become very familiar with.

Our literacy key texts for this will be:

  • Engineer Like Me
  • Three Little pigs
  • Goldilocks and the three Bears
  • The three Billy Goats Gruff

Talk Through Stories:

  •  Hugless Douglas
  •  A little bit Brave
  •  The Bear and the Piano


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