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Nursery / Darwin

Class teachers: Miss Hancock
As well as delivering the EYFS curriculum, Reception and Nursery classes follow the whole school STEAM curriculum.
Literacy Beginning to be aware of the way stories are structured and tell own stories.
To talk about principal characters and events in the stories they listen to.
Recognising familiar words and signs, such as own name.
Making up stories, play scenarios, and drawings in responses to experiences.
Mathematics Shape
Spatial Awareness
Understanding the World Use senses to explore a fruits and vegetables that we like
Understand that fruit and vegetables are grown
Understand where we get fruit and vegetables from
Understand the significance of Harvest
Understand how to be hygienic
Expressive Arts and Design: exploring media and materials Explore printing techniques.
Use printing to express preferences
This term in STEAM, we are learning about different types of fruit and vegetables. We will be learning where our fruits and vegetables are grown and where we get our fruit and vegetables from. We will be explaining to the children that in the summer, lots of fruit and vegetables grow. Now the summer is ending, it is time to harvest them in. We will be learning that in the past, farmers used to save some of the food which had been harvested and give it to people who were hungry or didn’t have enough. We can still do this today which is why we have brought in our harvest collection. It is nice to help other people and can make us feel good. We will be having a vegetable box delivered into school and we will be tasting these fruits and vegetables. 
If possible, it would be fantastic if children could please bring in any non-perishable food items for a harvest collection which can be donated to a local food bank. 
We are very excited to be continuing ‘Talk through stories’ this term, which provides the opportunity for children to really explore key texts, understand the principle of the story, learn new vocabulary and explore new characters. Each week we focus on one key text which the children will become very familiar with.  
Our literacy key texts for this will be: 
The Enormous Turnip 
Farmer Duck 
Apple Pig 
Each peach, pear, plum 
Rosie’s walk 


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